Cleveland Cultural Gardens

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens are a treasure covering 1.5 miles in University Circle's Rockefeller Park. The Gardens were created as a lasting tribute to peace, harmony and mutual understanding.

They have been the site of countless parades, weddings, musicals, dances and celebrations, and have hosted dignitaries from around the world. A renewed interest in their continued vitality has led to establishment of new gardens and revitalization of others in recent years.

The visionary behind the gardens was Leo Weidenthal, an editor of the Jewish Independent.

You really should visit the Gardens in person. The lower level is on MLK between the freeway and Superior and the upper level is on East Boulevard between Superior and St. Clair.

East Boulevard sign

Here are some links to information, photos and video tours of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

African-American Cultural Garden in Cleveland

Juneteenth in African-American Cultural Garden

Armenian Cultural Garden Planning

Indian Cultural Garden and Gandhi Statue Dedication

Azerbaijan Cultural Garden

British Cultural Garden

Chinese Cultural Garden

Croatian Cultural Garden Benefit

Czech Cultural Garden

Mixing of Estonian Soil in the American Legion Peace Garden

Estonian Cultural Garden

Finnish Cultural Garden

Working in the German Cultural Garden

German Cultural Garden
Bach, Goethe, Schiller, Heine Statues and more

Johann Goethe and Johann Schiller monument
German Cultural Garden in Cleveland, Ohio

Greek Cultural Garden

Hungarian Cultural Garden Celebration

Hungarian Cultural Garden

Irish Cultural Garden Rededication

Irish Cultural Garden

Italian Cultural Garden

Opera in the Italian Cultural Garden

Hebrew Cultural Garden

Hebrew Garden Lecture at the Maltz Museum by Nate Arnold
11-28-09 - Why is it called the Hebrew Garden?

Latvian Cultural Garden

Latvian President Valdis and wife Lilita Zatlere
visit the Latvian Cultural Garden on 4-26-08

The Latvian community hosts One World Day
at the Latvian Cultural Garden on 9-14-08

Lithuanian Cultural Garden

Polish Cultural Garden

Constitution Day Celebration - May 3, 2009
Placing wreath at Henryk Sienkiewicz statue in Polish Cultural Garden

Madame Marie Sklodowska Curie Statue Dedication - June 7, 2009
Dr. Marie Siemionow, Diane Karpinski, Ben Stefanski, Dennis Kucinich, John Borkowski and more

Romanian Cultural Garden

Rusyn Cultural Garden

Serbian Cultural Garden

Dedication of the Serbian Cultural Garden
Photos and Videos of the October 2008 event

Photos and videos of President Tadic's visit to the Serbian Cultural Garden
And the new iconic relief of Saint Sava - 9-21-09

Slovak Cultural Garden

Slovenian Cultural Garden

Ukrainian Cultural Garden

Cultural Gardens of Cleveland website

Cultural Gardens presentation at Maltz Museum
September 26, 2009

One World Day 2009 in Cultural Gardens
Ceremony and Dignitaries from the annual One World Day

One World Day 2009 in Cultural Gardens
Parade of Nations (costumes and flags)

One World Day 2009 in Cultural Gardens
Musical Performances - Rusyn, Slovak, Russian and more

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