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Margaret W Wong & Associates

Immigration Services for Corporations and Individuals
Fulfilling Dreams of Living in the United States

Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC is dedicated to providing high quality, efficient, and prompt services to both companies and individuals in immigration to the United States. We assist our clients with all types of work visas, "Green Cards" (permanent residency), J-1 waivers, labor certifications, deportation cases, asylum cases, and many others. With over 80 years of combined experience in the field, no immigration or naturalization matter is too complex for us to handle. We have law offices in Cleveland, New York City, Columbus, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Raleigh, but are licensed to practice throughout the United States of America and around the globe concerning immigration and naturalization matters.

Margaret Wong and Associates LLC is a national practice and we represent clients throughout the United States.

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The Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University

Sponsored by the Office of Chinese Language International Council (Hanban), the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University was established in August 2008. Hanban is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization in China. The Confucius Institute helps to better prepare CSU students, Northeast Ohio K-12 school students, and members of the community at large in terms of learning Chinese language and developing an understanding of China's arts and culture. It also serves as a bridge to connect Cleveland State University and local business community to related Chinese institutions for academic and business cooperation.

CSU’s academic partner to further the CI's mission is the Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB), based in Beijing, China. The partnership between the CI, CUEB, and CSU exists to strengthen educational and cultural cooperation between China and the United States. CUEB provides trained personnel to assist the Confucius Institute at CSU achieve its core mission.

To carry out Hanban’s mission, the Confucius Institute at CSU makes resources and services available to the public and promotes cross-cultural interactions and communication throughout the state of Ohio. Through Chinese language and cultural courses, conferences, and cultural events, the Confucius Institute at CSU provides a variety of opportunities for CSU students, Northeast Ohio K-12 school students, and local residents to learn the Chinese language and experience the Chinese culture both abroad and around the Cleveland area.

Confucius Institute at CSU logo

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Cleveland American Middle Eastern Organization (CAMEO)

C.A.M.E.O. is designed to articulate the political interest of more than 100,000 Northeastern Ohio residents of Middle Eastern Heritage, Arab Americans. C.A.M.E.O. has one central purpose, to appraise candidates running for Public Office, that will offer political support to those who are best prepared to respond to our concerns.

Cleveland American Middle East Organization CAMEO logo

C.A.M.E.O. accepts the diversity of religious and political philosophies and beliefs of its membership. C.A.M.E.O. membership means a commitment to local political action that will enhance the voting strength and amplify the profile of the Arab American community in Northeastern Ohio.

Over the past 44 years the Cleveland American Middle Eastern Organization (CAMEO) has worked to make sure that our elected leaders work to properly represent our community. Last year, over 70 candidates sought the C.A.M.E.O. endorsement with the endorsed candidate being elected in 76% of the races.

Learn more about CAMEO

Czech Cultural Garden

The Czech Cultural Garden was dedicated on October 6, 1935. It is circular in layout with two entrance monuments which declare the purpose of the Garden:" A memorial to Czech parents who by their solid example set the high ideals of American citizenship." This Garden has the most statues of the many gardens in the park. The two full size statues, Komensky and Masaryk, are illuminated at night utilizing a solar powered system.

Czech Cultural Garden in Cleveland - sign (photo by Dan Hanson)

Federation of India Community Associations ( FICA )

FICA is an organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Asian Indian Community in Northeast Ohio. From its humble beginnings as a student association in 1962, it has grown to be the voice of a diaspora of over 20,000 and on the increase. FICA helps Asian Indian families assimilate into the mosaic of greater Cleveland.

FICA logo

Their Mission: To organize events that promote the rich cultural heritage of India in greater Cleveland; to facilitate ongoing dialog with civic leaders regarding issues of importance to Asian Indian families in the region; to facilitate the mainstreaming of Asian Indian families by creating a platform for the community's active participation in the civic life; to collaborate with local organizations to promote goodwill and understanding between diverse communities; to partner with business groups that promote ties between Indian and US firms and foster economic development. To help provide a unified voice of our community, support sister organizations, help community enter the main street.

The Friendship Foundation of American Vietnamese

The Mission of the Friendship Foundation is "to build bridges of friendship" between the peoples of Vietnam and Asia with the peoples of the United States and other peoples of the world.

Through its humanitarian work, the Foundation promotes activities through which people of both Vietnam and elsewhere are able to mutually benefit. This includes helping people go to Vietnam, scheduling educational forums, assisting people who have come from Asia, and providing social services, counseling, and other needed assistance.

The Friendship Foundation is a sponsor of the Vietnamese section of ClevelandPeople.Com

The Lithuanian Community of Cleveland

The Cleveland Lithuanian community is an active ande passionate group with a great history.

On February 16, 2018, Lithuanians all over the world celebrated the birth of a new Lithuania. This date is like a bridge between the old Lithuania born on July 6, 1253 and the new independent Lithuania restored on March 11, 1990. Had it not been for February 16, there would have been no events of 11 of March, nor the subsequent success story. The Centennial of the new Lithuania is a success story. The main achievements are as follows: Lithuania has become a player of the European and world history, with its modern civil society aware of the importance of freedom and the responsibility that goes with it, and with new emerging vistas for action for the Lithuanian state and its people.

On February 17, 2018 members and friends of the Lithuanian communities of Cleveland, Toronto, Montreal and more gathered for a beautiful and meaningful ceremony at Cleveland State University.

See more from the Lithguanian community in Cleveland

The Lithuanian-American Citizens Club aka the Lithuanian Club opened in 1920 at E. 67th and Superior Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1970, fire destroyed the Lithuanian Club and it reopened in 1972 at the newly built Lithuanian Community Center on E. 185 St., where it is located today. Lithuanian Community Center not only is home to the Lithuanian Club, but also includes the Gintaras Dining Room, the Amber Ballroom and the Cleveland Lithuanian Archive Center.

Lithuanian Club of Cleveland logo

United Hungarian Societies of Cleveland

The United Hungarian Societies serves as an umbrella organization that unites the Greater Cleveland area Hungarian-American organizations and works to represent their interests, and in so doing, seeks to preserve, cultivate, develop and disseminate Hungarian culture. To further serve the region’s Hungarian-Americans, it may initiate and organize activities for the benefit of this community.

United Hungarian Societies of Cleveland logo

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