Slovenian artist Brni Lavrisha

Slovenian artist Brni Lavrisha
Slovenian Museum and Archives
6417 St Clair Ave.
February 22, 2020

Brni Lavrisha will tell you that he is Slovenian on both sides so it is fitting that his work is being exhibited at the Slovenian Museum and Archives (SMA) in Cleveland Ohio.

Artist Brni Lavrisha

Artist Brni Lavrisha

The SMA "are the privileged inheritors of a legacy, not only of precious pieces of rich, ethnic, artistic and linguistic works, but also of a compelling story of migrating and thriving in America and in our City of Cleveland."

Brni does both sculptures and paintings using materials that he finds and repurposed from a nearby creek.

Watch this short video interview.

Visit the Slovenian Museum and Archives website for more information

Here are a few of Brni's pieces on display

Brni Lavrisha artwork

Brni Lavrisha artwork

Brni Lavrisha artwork

Brni Lavrisha artwork


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