Romanian Food and Wine

Romanian Food and Wine

The Romanian wine tradition goes back as far as antiquity. Today, Romanian wines are exported throughout the world. Here are a few of the most popular examples:

  • Grasa de Cotnari - A sweet wine of Moldova
  • Muscat Otonel - A delicious light sweet wine of Dobrogea
  • Tamaioasa - A sweet and perfumed elixir of Muntenia
  • Pino Grigio - A semi-dry wine, perfect with white meats
  • Riesling Feteasca - A semi-dry, pleasant bouquet
  • Chardonnay - A dry wine enjoyed by connoisseurs
  • Pinot Noir - Sweet, with the flavor of the Black Sea breeze
  • Merlot - A must with any red meat

Learn about wines from Translyvania, Dobrogea and Moldova

One of the highlights of the annual Romanian Festival at St Mary Romanian Orthodox Cathedral is the delicious array of desserts.

Eugenia, originally from Bucharest, is our tour guide in these two videos describing delicious Romanian desserts.

Romanian desserts include:

  • Baklava - phyllo pastry filled with nuts and sweetened with honey or sugar syrup
  • Covrigi (pretzels)
  • Gogosi (doughnuts)
  • Halva
  • Rahat (Turkish delight)
  • Placinta (pie)
  • Coliva (boiled wheat, mixed with sugar and walnuts, decorated with candy and icing sugar, made into a cake and handed out at funerals)
  • Cozonac (a pound cake made with leavened dough, into which milk, eggs, sugar, butter, and other ingredients are mixed)
  • Pandispan (sponge cake)
  • Orez cu lapte (rice pudding)
  • Gris cu lapte (cream of wheat)
  • Lapte de pasare (literally "bird's milk", vanilla custard garnished with "floating islands" of whipped egg whites)
  • Crema de zahar ars (crème caramel or crème brûlée)
  • Clatite (crêpe)
  • Turta dulce (gingerbread)
  • Chec (a sort of coffee cake)
  • Papanasi (a kind of doughnut made from a mixture of sweet cheese, eggs, and semolina, boiled or fried and served with fruit syrup or jam and sour cream )
  • Sarlota (a custard made with milk, eggs, sugar, whipped cream, gelatin, fruits, and lady fingers
Prajituri (assorted pastries):
  • Savarine
  • Amandine (chocolate sponge cake filled with almond cream)
  • Joffre cake (invented at the Casa Capsa restaurant in Bucharest)
  • Mucenici (sweet cookies shaped like the figure 8, made of boiled or baked dough, garnished with walnuts, sugar or honey, eaten on a single day of the year, the Sunday before the Easter fast)

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