Hebrew Cultural Garden

Hebrew Cultural Garden
By Nate Arnold
October 28, 2009

Nate Arnold is a well known docent at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage. He also gives tours of "old Jewish Cleveland."

On October 28, 2009, Nate Arnold gave a lecture on the Hebrew Garden, in the chain of Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

Fountain of Wisdom at Jewish Hebrew Cultural Garden in Cleveland Ohio (photos by Dan Hanson)

Fountain of Wisdom in the Hebrew Garden

See photos and descriptions of the Hebrew Garden

The Cultural Gardens of Cleveland began with Leo Weidenthal, Editor of the Jewish Independent. Nate Arnold explains how and why Weidenthal got involved and who the other visionaries were.

In this next short video clip, Arnold tells about the migration of Jews to Cleveland. They first came from Germany.

Most of the gardens in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens are named for the country - Italian, Polish, Czech, etc. So why are these gardens called the Hebrew Garden? Nate Arnold explains why they are the Hebrew gardens and not the Jewish or Zionist or even Palestine Gardens.

See photos and descriptions of the Hebrew Garden

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