Sho Jo Ji Japanese Dancers

Sho Jo Ji Japanese Dancers
International Folk Festival
July 18, 2010

The mission of the Sho-jo-ji Japanese Dancers is to preserve, teach, and perform classical and folk dances from Japan.

Currently the group includes of Nisei, Sansei and Yonsei, second, third, and fourth generation from Japan. For over fifty years, the Sho-jo-ji Japanese Dancers have performed at festivals, special events, schools, and universities in Ohio. They recently performed at the 21st annual International Folk Festival held in Wade Oval in University Circle in Cleveland Ohio.

Sho-jo-ji Japanese Dancers

Sho-jo-ji Japanese Dancers

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Dance

Sho-jo-ji Japanese Dancers teach the audience

Sho-jo-ji Japanese Dancers teach the audience some steps

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