Filipino Festival June 21, 2009 - Cleveland Ohio

Ohana Aloha South Pacific Dance Group dancers

One of the highlights of the 4th annual Filipino Festival was the performances by the Ohana Aloha South Pacific Dance Group. Their colorful costumes and graceful, rhythmic moves were a crowd favorite.

Dancing girls in costume from Ohana Aloha - a South Pacific dance Group

Below are some video highlights from their performance at the Filipino festival

The theme from Hawaii-Five-O

Keeping the rhythm using drums made of large gourds

Memories of the Island of Molokai

Dancers from Ohana Aloha use puili
- slit sticks made from bamboo - in their routine

Traditional island song and dance

Traditional Island Dance

For the Big Kahuna of Bora Bora

Pulsing drums and energetic hip shaking

Pictures, videos and more from the 2009 Filipino Festival in Cleveland

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