Cleveland Asian Festival 2012
Icho Daiko Japanese taiko drumming
May 19, 2012

Icho Daiko kicked off the 2012 Cleveland Asian Festival with a lively set of Japanese taiko drumming.

News anchor Lynna Lai introduced Japanese taiko drumming ensemble Icho Daiko at the 2012 Asian Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. Performing were Maryll Phillips, Arya Kumar and Branden Archer.

Lynna Lai

Lynna Lai

Icho Daiko - Arya Kumar, Maryll Phillips and Branden Archer

Arya Kumar, Maryll Phillips and Branden Archer

Icho Daiko performed an original composition based on a Japanese folk tale about a boy who was born only one inch high.

Maryll Phillips told news anchor Lynna Lai how they make each of their drums by hand.

Maryll Phillips told news anchor Lynna Lai

Maryll Phillips and Lynna Lai

Icho Daiko performed a composition called Moduro ('Return' in Japanese)

Icho Daiko

Icho Daiko

A traditional piece from the Tokyo region of Japan

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