Irish Trivia Quiz - Part 3

Irish Trivia Quiz - Part 3

  1. During which years did the Irish famine take place?
  2. Who was the first High King of Ireland?
  3. What was John Barry known as?
  4. In what year was the Easter Rising?
  5. What name was given to the ships Irish emigrants traveled in?
  6. Who is the Prime Minister of Ireland?
  7. Which road do the Saw Doctors sing about in their song about homesickness and emigration?
  8. Pete Briquette is a member of what famous Irish rock band?
  9. Who wrote Angela's Ashes?
  10. Who wrote The Tara Road?
  11. What language is the Book of Kells written in?
  12. In what town and county was the John Wayne film The Quiet Man filmed?
  13. What is a bodhran?
  14. What does GAA stand for?
  15. January 30, 1972 is remembered in Derry as what?
  16. What city is nicknamed the Maiden City?

Sctll down for the answers


  1. 1845-49
  2. Brian Boru
  3. Father of the American Navy
  4. 1916
  5. Coffin Ships
  6. Bertie Ahern
  7. The N17
  8. The Boomtown Rats
  9. Frank McCourt
  10. Maeve Binchey
  11. Latin
  12. Cong, County Mayo
  13. A drum
  14. Gaelic Athletic Association
  15. Bloody Sunday
  16. Derry

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