Irish Trivia - Cleveland

Cleveland Irish Trivia

1) Cleveland's first St. Patrick's Day Parade was held in what year?

2) What was the parade route?

3) What was the significance of the 1912 parade?

4) What was different about the Parade from 1913-1935?

5) What organization is currently responsible for putting the Parade on the Avenue?

6) Who was the first (and only) female Grand Marshall of the Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade?

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1) 1867

2) The parade went from Church to Church on the west side. Approximately from the West Bank of the Flats to West 65th.

3) Largest one because people to came to welcome home Johnny Kilbane,"a local boy from W. 74 St, who won the World Featherweight Championship Crown, a crown he won from Abe Atell in Los Angeles and was to keep until 1923."

4) There was no downtown parade, because of the war and the depression. There were small parades on the west side usually sponsored by a hotel or a church.

5) The United Irish Societies (UIS)

6) Lonnie McCauley, 2001 (Lonnie passed away March 18, 2001)

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