Irish Trivia - Part 1

Irish Trivia - Part 1

1) Other than Ireland where is Gaelic spoken today?

2) What is the Book of Kells?

3) What percentage of US Presidents had Irish ancestors?

4) Who was the first president of the Irish Republic? Where was he born?

5) What is Ireland in Latin? Gaelic?

6) What common breakfast food did the Irish introduce to America?

7) Why is County Cork so named?

8) What bird is considered the King of Birds in Ireland?

9) What accomplishment made Irishmen Harland and Wolf famous?

10) Are Irish Pubs open 365 days a year? If not - when do they close?

11) If "mac" stands for "son of" in a name, what does "O'" stand for?

12) In the legend of St. Patrick removing the snakes from Ireland, how is he said to have performed this feat?

13) What is the longest river in Ireland?

14) John Robert Gregg, from County Monaghan was famous for inventing what?

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1) Isle of Mann and Scotland

2) An ancient illustrated Bible created by Irish Monks

3) Over 40%

4) Eamon De Valera was the first President of the Irish Republic. He was born in Manhattan, New York City.

5) Hibernia (Latin) and Éire (Gaelic)

6) Oatmeal

7) Cork means marshes and Cork is surrounded by marshes

8) Wren

9) They built the Titanic

10) No - they close on Christmas Day and Good Friday (at least by mandate if not practice)

11) Grandson of (O'Malley is grandson of Malley)

12) By pounding drums

13) Shannon

14) He invented shorthand

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