A Prayer for Bad Times

A Prayer for Bad Times
by Richard Cardinal Cushing

Dear God,

Help me be a good sport in this game of life. I don't ask for an easy place in the lineup. Put me anywhere you need me.

I only ask that I can give you 100 percent of everything I have. If all the hard drives seem to come my way, I thank you for the compliment.

Help me remember that you never send a player more trouble than he can handle.

And, help me, Lord, to accept the bad breaks as part of the game. May I always play on the square, no matter what the others do. Help me study the Book so I'll know the rules.

Finally, God, if the natural turn of events goes against me and I'm benched for sickness or old age, help me accept that as part of the game too. Keep me from whimpering that I was framed or that I got a raw deal.

And when I finish the final inning, I ask for no laurels. All I want is to believe in my heart that I played as well as I could and that I didn't let you down.

Cardinal Richard Cushing

Mosaic depiction of Cardinal Cushing in the foyer of the Annunciation Melkite Catholic Cathedral in Roslindale, Massachusetts.
January 2009 photo by John Stephen Dwyer.
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