Ukrainian Museum-Archives in Tremont

Ukrainian Museum-Archives in Cleveland Ohio

There is a terrific hidden gem in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood that anyone interested in culture should visit. The Ukrainian Museum-Archives is located at 1202 Kenilworth Ave in Tremont.

It looks like an old house from the front but when you go inside or visit the new building in the backyard, you will be amazed at the tremendous collection the museum has. The Museum was started in 1952 after the World war II immigration.

The Ukrainian Museum-Archives is dedicated to collecting and preserving literature, recordings, artifacts and other items that illuminate Ukrainian history and culture, the story of Ukrainian immigration to America and the history of the Ukrainian community in Cleveland.

In the new building in the back you will find statues and artwork on the first floor.

Cleveland Ukrainian Museum icon (photos by Dan Hanson)

Icon in the Ukrainian Museum-Archives

Bust of Taras Shevchenko

Bust of Taras Shevchenko

Taras Szmagala Sr at Ivan Franko statue in The Ukrainian Museum-Archives

Board Chairman Taras Szmagala Sr at Ivan Franko statue
in The Ukrainian Museum-Archives

In the basement you will find a collection of books and manuscripts numbering 20,000! They are carefully preserved in a climate and moisture controlled environment. Tars Szmagala Sr. says that eventually they'd like to digitize the collection but that will take a long time. He says it is "academically mind-boggling."

Shelves of books in The Ukrainian Museum-Archives

Shelves of books in the Ukrainian Museum-Archives

Szmalaga says they have one full-time curator and tons of volunteers.

The back building also features works of art such as Coronation of Forms by Aleksandr Archipenko who was born in Kiev.

Ukraine's Aleksandr Archipenko Coronation of Forms

Coronation of Forms by Aleksandr Archipenko

The older front building has an outstanding collection of art, clothing, musical instruments and other objects from and about Ukraine. Our volunteer guide, Wally Ciszkewycz, told how he spent Saturdays as a boy learning Ukrainian history and culture and it was evident that he learned his lessons well.

Wally Ciszkewycz of the Cleveland Ukrainian Museum-Archives

Volunteer Wally Ciszkewycz

Below are a few photos from the Museum but you really need to visit to see the entire collection and experience the items.

Bandura from Ukraine

The Bandura is native to Ukraine

Model of a Hutsul Style Church

Model of a Hutsul Style Church

Clocks show time in Kiev and Cleveland

Museum Clocks show the time in Kiev and Cleveland

Nazi ID for Ukrainians

ID badge issued by the Nazi's to slave laborers in Ukraine

Sopilka from Ukraine

Sopilka (wooden flute) from Ukraine

Statue of Saint Vladimir Svyatoslavich the Great - Volodymyr

Statue of Saint Vladimir (Volodymyr) Svyatoslavich the Great

Ukrainian victims of Communist genocide

Remembering Ukrainian victims of Communist genocide

Ukrainian Independence - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland Plain Dealer headline about Ukrainian Independence

Drying socks the Ukraine way

Drying socks the Ukraine village way

The Ukrainian Museum-Archives in Cleveland

Museum Hours:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays - 10 to 3 PM (or by prior appointment). The Museum is free but consider patronizing the gift shop and/or leaving a donation to keep this wonderful facility operating.

Directions to and contact information for the Museum

Native costumes from Ukraine from the Ukrainian Museum-Archives

Beautiful Pysanka (Decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs) from Ukraine

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