Ohio Scottish Games and Celtic Festival

Ohio Scottish Games and Celtic Festival
Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds
June 21-22, 2024

The Ohio Scottish Games and Celtic Festival is held on the 4th Saturday every June. Established in 1977, this long standing event is presented by members of The Ohio Scottish American Cultural Society of Ohio, an organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of their proud Scottish Heritage and ancestry. The Ohio Scottish Games and Celtic Festival highlights the traditional dance, music and athletics of the ancient highland games while celebrating the cultural of the Celtic nations. This event is for the enjoyment of all Scots and friends as well as to introduce the Scottish Arts and traditions to the community.

Despite record breaking heat, thousands packed the Fairgrounds for the culture and festivities.

The Grand Parade at the Ohio Scottish Games and Celtic Festival was fantastic! It featured lots of bagpipe units, many Clans in their namesake tartans, Irish wolfhounds, knights in armor, Clydesdale horses and more. This included the Tri-Rivers Highlanders, Capital City Pipes and Drums, Clan Gordon, Great Lakes Pipe Band, Cincinnati Caledonian Pipes & Drums, Michigan Scottish Pipes & Drums, Clan McEwen, Madison Pipes and Drums, Clan Gregor, Celtic Eagle Pipe Band, Crawford International Society, Midlothian Scottish, Clan Murray, Clan Gunn, Clan Campbell, City of Chicago Pipe Band, Clan Claus, Celtic Circle Pipe Band, Clan Kennedy and more.

The Grand Parade at the 2024 Ohio Scottish Games and Celtic Festival

Start of The Grand Parade

Watch a video of the Parade and see lots of pictures

Athletes gathered to compete in a variety of Highland Games.

This included the Caber (Gaelic for tree) Toss, Stone Put, Weight Over Bar, Heavy and Light Weights for Distance, Hammer Throws and the Sheaf Toss.

Highland Heavy Athletics at Ohio Scottish Games

See video and photos of the Heavy Highland Games

There were Birds of Prey, Clydesdale Horses, Border Collies, Highland Cattle and other animals. Did you know that the Dandie Dinmont Terrier is the only dog with its own tartan!

Dandie Dinmont Terrier in its tartan

See more Dogs, Horses, Birds and other animals

One of the most interesting parts of the Ohio Scottish Games & Celtic Festival is seeing the different clans that are represented and watching the interesting people.

Scottish kilt shirt

See more of the clans and people

Of course there was a variety of music and dancing.

Andrew McManus Trio at Ohio Scottish Games

Andrew McManus Trio at the Ohio Scottish Games

Scottish Highland Dancers

Scottish Highland Dance Competition

Harp Competition

Harp Competition

Bagpiper boy

And lots of bagpipes!

Woman playing bagpipes

There were other attractions at the Ohio Scottish Games and Celtic Festival such as both festival and traditional food and drink.

The Haggis Hut

There were a variety of demonstrations and competitions including this battle of knights with two very skilled knights fighting with three lesser skilled knights. It was billed as Skill vs. Numbers. Watch the video.

Knights fighting

It was a great time. Mark your calendar for June 27-29, 2025 for the next Ohio Scottish Games & Celtic Festival


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