Vocila Family from Transylvania

Vocila Family from Transylvania
Posted September 24,2020

We received a message from a nice lady named Meg Bernardo who was originally from Broadview Hts, Ohio and now lives in California. Here is what she wrote about her family's story.

The Vocila family comes from the small village Palos Ardeal, in the County of Brasov, Transylvania Romania. Our Grandfather Vasile (Charles) Vocila was born November 9, 1886 and immigrated to the United States in 1910 settling in Cleveland Ohio. He was proud of his Romanian heritage and traveled several times to visit his family in Palos.

Charles and Lillian Vocila

Charles and Lillian Vocila

He worked at the Standard Building in downtown Cleveland as a Building Engineer and was the only engineer brave enough to hang holiday lights outside the building's top floor before the modern equipment that is used today. The Standard Building is a high-rise office tower located at the southwest corner of Ontario Street and St. Clair Avenue in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Rising to a height of 282 feet, the Standard Building was the second tallest building in Cleveland when it was completed in 1925.

There are now 4 generations of Charles Vocila in Cleveland Ohio. Our Uncle Chuck (deceased), Uncle Chuck's son and Uncle Chuck's Grandson. The photo shows 3 generations, our Mother and Dad, my two sisters and two cousins, Grandmother, Aunt and Grandpa's niece and her family originally from Palos.

Vocila Family

Vocila Family

Besides sharing this great story, Meg sent some items of clothing that her grandfather brought back from Romania. She donated them to the Cleveland International Hall of Fame and Museum where they will be on display.

Traditional Romanian clothing

Some of the donated traditional Romanian clothing

Thank you Meg for sharing this story and the clothing.


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