The Great Gulyas (Goulash) Cook-Off

The Great International Gulyas (Goulash) Cook-Off
June 16, 2013

Father's Day means a lot of things to a lot of people - but to many it means it's time for the Hungarian Cultural Gardens' Gulyas Cook Off at St. Emerics.

Gulyas (or Goulash) is a stew-like treat that can be made with beef, pork or lamb. This year there was even a fish gulyas!

Gulyas Cookoff Judges Deebie Hanson, Ernie Mihaly and Becci Terezhalmy

Great Gulyas Cookoff Judges Deebie Hanson,
Ernie Mihaly and Becci Terezhalmy

For the first time the winner of the Judge's Award won by a perfect score from the judges. The judges choice was submitted by three siblings, Elizabeth, Terry and Andy Check.

Elizabeth, Terry and Andy Check

Elizabeth, Terry and Andy Check

This is what they had to say about their win:

" What a surprise and honor!...My Dad was really shocked by this "Judges Award!" He said,"There were so many GREAT GULYAS offerings!" My Apa (father) said,"This was the BEST FATHER'S DAY EVER!" He further elaborated, "That we are rarely get together as a whole family anymore. This was the first time since Easter that we were as ONE family. It was so heartwarming to see my 3 children working, conversing and having a fun time together!" My parents LOVE to see us take charge, especially when it is at a Magyar affair.

We worked as a FAMILY on this pot of Gulyas. My sister made the "Nokedli,"(Dumplings) my brother Endre and I made the "Csipetke."(noodle) An interesting sidelight story came from my Apa last night. He said, "That as a boy, his Nagy Mama Cseh made a special dish for him made up of Csipetke, poppy seed, honey and butter. The last time he had this treat was in 1970, when he made Honor Roll in school. Not long afterward she got sick and passed on to Magyar Heaven. This inspired my sister to improvise this dish from my Apa's recollection. She did a remarkable job in culinary recreation!

As my Apa said after eating an entire bowl, "This is just like the way my Nagy Anyam made it! It has been 43 years since I have had this, what a Father's Day gift!"

My Apa shows little emotion 99% of the time. When I informed him of the Judges Award, I thought he had won the Powerball Lottery.

I think I just fell upon a future story for "Tibor's Take!" Once again, THANK YOU, for allowing us to be part of this great event!

P.S. My Dad was so excited about the award, he immediately emailed the relatives in Csot, Hungary of the bestowed honor. It is 4:00 AM there!"

The people also got a vote, and their choice was Pal Denes. Congratulations Pal.

Bill Kolosi and Steve Reger

Bill Kolosi and Steve Reger

Ernie Mihaly and Jim Balogh

Ernie Mihaly and Jim Balogh

The threatening weather didn't keep everyone from having a great time - it was all moved indoors!

Great Gulyash Cookoff 2013 - inside

Bakery at Great Gulyash Cookoff 2013

Marika Megyimori takes a well-earned break

Marika Megyimori takes a well-earned break

John Megyimori,  Nancy Jacwa, Mary Whitmer, Frank Dobos

John Megyimori, Nancy Jacwa,
Mary Whitmer and Frank Dobos

Steve Hegedus entertained with his singing and accordion and everyone had a wonderful time.

Steve Hegedus on accorsion

Steve Hegedus

In this video, Stephen played (on accordion) and sang a Hungarian song about a wine from a region of Hungary.

Looking for something special to do next Father's Day? Treat your dad to Gulyas at St. Emeric's and support the Hungarian Cultural Garden at the same time. They'll be back next year and so will I. As always, it will be a special treat.

Debbie Hanson

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