The Great Gulyas (Goulash) Cook-Off

The Great International Gulyas (Goulash) Cook-Off
June 19, 2011

The Hungarian Cultural Garden sponsored its annual Gulyas (Goulash) Cook-Off on Father's Day, June 19, 2011,

Hungarian Goulash Cookoff sign and flags

Lucky attendees had the opportunity to taste and judge fourteen terrific examples of this hearty Hungarian stew-like dish.

Serving up Hungariah goulash gulyas

The word 'Gulyas' actually means cowboy, and comes from the days when the cowboys made this dish while riding the plains in Hungary. The first were made with lamb, because that was what was available. As cattle became more prevalent, the dish changed to beef.

Carolyn Balogh, president of the Hungarian Cultural Garden in Cleveland, explains what Goulash (gulyas) is and how it developed on the plains of Hungary.

Samples at the Cook-off ranged from very traditional to a fish goulash as well as the Szegediner (shay-gah-dee-nah) style which includes sauerkraut. This style comes from southern Hungary. This style is also known as Szekely Goulash or Transylvanian Goulash. Szekely people are a Hungarian speaking population actually living in Transylvania, Romania.

In addition to the people's choice award there was a panel of three judges tasked with the nearly impossible job of determining a favorite. The judges were Jeannette Grasselli Brown, Cyrus Taylor and Debbie Hanson.

Goulash cookoff judges Debbie Hanson, Jeannette Grasselli Brown and Cyrus Taylor

Goulash cookoff judges Debbie Hanson, Jeannette Grasselli Brown and Cyrus Taylor

The Judge's Favorite Award went to Mary Ann Kolosi.

Hungarian Goulash winner Mary Ann Kolosi

Winner Mary Ann Kolosi

The People's Choice Award went to John Megyimori.

This is a not-to-miss event. In addition to tasting some tremendous Goulash, it is an opportunity to support the beautiful Hungarian Cultural Garden. More on the Cleveland Hungarian Cultural Garden

Enjoy these images from the 2011 Gulyas Cook Off

Andrea and Marika Maegyimori serve gulyas

Andrea and Marika Megyimori serve gulyas

Andrea and Elmer Meszaros

Andrea and Elmer Meszaros

Steve Hegedeus

Steve Hegedeus

Mary Whitmer

Mary Whitmer

Fran and Paul Burik sample some gulyas

Fran and Paul Burik sample some gulyas

Chef Andrea Meszaros

Chef Andrea Meszaros's dish was titled Dr. Gyorgy Vareka's Gulyas

Marika Megyimori

Marika Megyimori

Goulash chef

Hungry yet?

Hungarian goulash gulyas

How about now?

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