Saxons and Sachsenheim Hall

Saxons and Sachsenheim Hall in Cleveland

In 2013 we spoke with James Kloos who was a volunteer sausage maker at the Sachsenheim Hall. German for "Saxon Home," The Sachsenheim is an historic (over 115 years old) building at 7001 Denison Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. The Sachsenheim was built and administrated over 100 years ago by the Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons. In this video, James Kloos told about the Saxons and the German and Saxon community in Cleveland.

In this next video he told how the clothes of the Saxons would tell which village they were from and their marital status.

In this video, Kloos told stories of his grandfather growing up in Romania and dealing with the Austrian cavalry and buying priceless Persian rugs.

In this video Kloos told stories of the Saxon people how they suffered through wars and murder and rape and other atrocities. They are a proud people though.

In this video Kloos told of a typical Saxon Christmas meal and a few phrases in German he learned from his grandfather.

In this last video Kloos told stories of how many of the cities have 3 names - the German name, Hungarian name and Romanian name. He told of the birthplace of Dracula or Vlad the Impaler.

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