Lunar New Year 2023 - Asia Plaza

Lunar New Year Celebration
Year of the Rabbit
Asia Plaza - 30th and Payne, Cleveland
January 21, 2023

The Lunar New Year or Spring Festival is commonly referred to as Chinese New Year, Tet in Vietnamese, Seollal in Korean, Losar in Tibet, and Tsagaan Sar in Mongolian.

From January 22, 2023 to February 9, 2024, we will be celebrating the Year of the Water Rabbit. The Water Rabbit is a subset of the Rabbit zodiac sign. Those born in 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023 are considered Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac but only those born in 1963 and 2011 are Water Rabbits.

Margaret Wong and Associates, OCA Greater Cleveland, ASIA Inc. and Erie Chinese Journal hosted a celebration at Asia Plaza. There were performances, information booths, free medical resources, food and, of course, the Lion Dance.

Lunar New Year event schedule

Asia Plaza was full of people who enjoyed authentic food such as dim sum inside Li Wah restaurant, Korean wings from Seoul City Wings (try the Yum Yum sauce!), specialty eggrolls from BlasianFusion food truck, a Taste of the Philippines from the Parilya food truck and authentic Hong Kong Style bubble waffle from Ball Ball Waffle.

Sticky Rice, Sesame Balls and more from Li Wah

Sticky Rice, Sesame Balls and more from Li Wah

Trying some dim sum treats for the first time

Trying some dim sum treats for the first time

Seoul City Wings guys

Seoul City Wings guys

Kwan Family Lion Dance inside Li Wah

Kwan Family Lion Dance inside Li Wah

Michael Patterson from Margaret Wong's office brought his pet rabbit to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.

Michael Patterson in Margaret Wong booth with pet rabbit

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Other informational resources were also popular attractions. Here are a few.

OCA Greater Cleveland

OCA Greater Cleveland

St Clair Superior table

St Clair Superior table

International Community Health Center (ICHC) Team

International Community Health Center (ICHC)

Global Cleveland table

Global Cleveland table

Of course was there and we brought our big map of Asia.

Dan Hanson at the table

Dan Hanson at the table (photo by Stuart Smith) table at Lunar New Year event

Elizabeth Mary Marok pointing to map of China

People pointed out the land of their heritage on the map

See more photos of people and the map on the Lunar New Year People Page

Besides the food, the performances were the highlight of the day. The Kwan Family Lion Dance performed inside Li Wah restaurant and then throughout Asia Plaza. They visited stores and consumed the hanging lettuce to bring luck and prosperity in the new year. Here are some snippets of them outside Li Wah restaurant and an Asia Plaza store.

Kwan Family Lion Dance

In the center area, the program began with a martial arts demonstration by the Shaolin Kung Fu Institute.

Shaolin Kung Fu Institute marital arts demo

Shaolin Kung Fu Institute marital arts demo

As you can see in the video below, they performed with various weapons and simulated fights between spears, swords, nun chucks and other weapons. They showed various styles including Angry Monkey.

After the performance, Gino from the Shaolin Kung Fu Institute explained how the Shaolin Temple was built in China in 495 AD. This version of Chinese Martial Arts is weapons based and he features the Monkey Style. The battles are choreographed after ancient battles. He showed some of the weapons such as Tiger Hooks, Monkey Daggers, Deer Horn Knives, Butterfly Swords and even a cane.

You can see many of the performances on the next few pages. The next performance was acrobatic Chinese dances from the students of the LingYun Rising Star Gymnastics Dance School.

Ling Yun acrobatic dancers

See photos & videos of the LingYun Rising Star Gymnastics Dance School performance.


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