Albanian Cultural Garden on One World Day 2022

Albanian Cultural Garden
One World Day
August 28, 2022

The Cleveland Albanian community demonstrated their proud heritage at One World Day in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. One World Day has been the official event of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation since 1946. Over 40,000 people visited the gardens on One World Day 2022.

The Albanian community participated in the Parade of Flags and then welcomed visitors to their Garden where the statue of Mother Teresa (who was Albanian - born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu) was a highlight of course.

Mother Teresa in Albanian Cultural Garden

Mother Teresa in Albanian Cultural Garden

The Parade of Flags was moderated by TV news personalities Danielle Wiggins (Ch.3), Kelly Dobeck (Ch. 19), Tracy Carloss (Ch. 5) and Maia Belay (Ch. 8). Olympic Gold medalist Dominique Moceanu (Magnificent Seven Gymnastics Team 1996) was the Grand Marshall of the Parade of Flags and she marched with Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb and other dignitaries. Here is a video of the entire Parade of Flags.

After the Parade we were able to speak with Albian Thaqi and Ervis Mellani. We learned about the 2-stringed musical instrument called a cifetlia, the story behind the striking flag of Albania (double-headed eagle!), the Albanian alphabet (36 letters!) and more. Watch this short video.

Enjoy these other images from the Albanian community at One World Day.

Albanian Cultural Garden in Parade of Flags

Albanian Cultural Garden in Parade of Flags

Albanian Cultural Garden in Parade of Flags

Famous Current Albanians

Famous Current Albanians

Famous Current Albanians

Albian Thaqi and Ervis Mellani


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