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Cleveland International Hall of Fame announces that nominations for the 2016 Class of the Cleveland International Hall of Fame are now being accepted.

ClevelandPeople.Com strives to recognize and promote the value of the "tossed salad" of diversity which makes Cleveland a richer city. The Cleveland International Hall of Fame permanently recognizes those individuals who have made a valuable contribution to our multicultural society.

The 2016 Class of the Cleveland International Hall of Fame will be announced early in 2016 with a dinner celebration and awards ceremony in April or May 2016.

Cleveland International Hall of Fame

Nominations are now being accepted of worthy individuals for this honor. Nominees, living or deceased, must have made a significant and lasting contribution to Cleveland's ethnic and cultural community. Their impact may have been on a particular group or for the ethnic and cultural space as a whole. They can come from any walk of life: Politics, Media, Non-Profits, Cultural Leaders, Volunteers and so on.

An Advisory Board and previous inductees into the Cleveland International Hall of Fame will help select the 2016 inductees from submitted suggestions. The Hall of Fame inductees will not be chosen solely on popularity (number of submissions) but we encourage you to inform others to submit their choices as well.

You are also encouraged to submit more than one person if you feel he or she should be in the Hall of Fame.

Criteria for Induction into the Cleveland International Hall of Fame

To be inducted into the Cleveland International Hall of Fame a person must first be nominated. Self-nominations are acceptable.

The person must have made significant contributions to one or more ethnic communities in Cleveland or to the overall ethnic community. For example, inaugural class inductee Alex Machaskee would be eligible for his work in the Cleveland Serbian community. He would also meet the other broader criteria for his work in publishing the Mosaic section of the Plain Dealer which served and highlighted all ethnic groups in town.

The contributions must have a lasting effect. Organizing a single festival or event is terrific but a Hall of Famer's contributions must have long-term benefits. The Cleveland International Hall of Fame strives to recognize people with a lifetime of service rather than those with one or two accomplishments, worthy as they may be.

To make a nomination, fill in the online form below. You mail also e-mail your submission to

You may also mail your nomination to Cleveland International Hall of Fame, 868 Montford Rd, Cleveland, Ohio 44121.

All nominations must be received by December 12, 2015 to be considered. Your nomination must include your name and contact information as well.

Your nomination should include (when applicable and possible) information as follows:

  • Name and contact information of Nominee. (If the nominee is deceased, please provide contact information for family member or representative)
  • What do you think qualifies this person for the award? Please list accomplishments and a brief description of the nominee's work.
  • What time period was the nominee active (if current, please indicate)?
  • Was the nominee active in one specific ethnic group (please specify) or many/all groups?

The 2016 Class will consist of up to 8 inductees. Spread the word and submit your nominees today!

Your Name:

Your contact info (phone or e-mail):

Nominee name:

Nominee contact info:

Why should this person be in the Hall of Fame?:

When was the nominee active?

Which group, groups or all was the nominee active with?

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