Swedish Christmas and Santa Lucia Fest

Swedish Christmas and Santa Lucia Celebration
Highland Heights Community Center
December 6, 2015

The Nobel-Monitor Lodge #130 Vasa Order of America hosted their annual Christmas and Lucia Fest on December 6, 2015. Highlights included the songs by the Vasa Voices Choir and the Lucia procession and songs by the children.

The Vasa Voices Choir of Nobel-Monitor Lodge #130 Vasa Order of America performed first. The Director is Reid Taylor and the Accompanist is Xin Dai.

This first song is Det ar ros utspringen or Lo, How a Rose by Michael Praetorius.

This song is Var halsad skona morgonstund or O Morning Star How Fair and Bright by Wallin/Nicolai.

Vasa Voices Choir

Vasa Voices Choir

This song is Harlig ar jorden or Beautiful Savior, a Silesian folk melody by B.S. Ingeman.

Director Reid Taylor

Director Reid Taylor

Piano Accompanist Xin Dai

Piano Accompanist Xin Dai

This song is I vintermanads morka tid or Twas in the moon of wintertime, a French-Indian Christmas carol.

Director Reid Taylor and Vasa Voices Choir

Director Reid Taylor and Vasa Voices Choir

This song is Nar juldagsmorgon glimmar or When Christmas Morn is Dawning by Burchardt.

This song is Julvisa or Christmas Carol by Jean Sibelius.

Vasa Voices Choir

This song is Jag drommer om en jul hemma or White Christmas by Irving Berlin.

This song is O Helga Natt or O Holy Night by Adolph Adam. The soloist is Reid Taylor.


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This song is O Du saliga or O Thou Joyful by Johannes D. Falk.

Vasa Voices Choir

This song is Stilla Natt or Silent Night by Mohr/Gruber.

This song is Vi onskar Eder alla en angenam julhelg or We Wish you a Merry Christmas in both Swedish and English. Director Taylor then thanked the choir and audience.

Vasa Voices Choir

Bo Carlsson

Bo Carlsson

Sweidsh Vasa - Karen Chilcote

Karen Chilcote

Marty Bergman - Swedish Christmas basket

Marty Bergman

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