Slovenian Honey Breakfast

Slovenian Honey Breakfast
10 Cleveland Schools
November 2023

The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast project was organized in Slovenia for the first time in 2011 at the initiative of the Beekeeping Association of Slovenia, with the aim of raising awareness among the youngest about the importance of healthy eating, sustainable agriculture, direct connection between honey-bees and other pollinators and the production of food, as well as environmental protection.

Traditional Slovenian Honey Breakfast

Here in Cleveland, this is the third year of a partnership between the Slovenian Consulate General (our Consul General Alenka Jerak), Collaborative Chamber Alliance (Mrs. Nicky Sulandari), the Ohio State Beekeepers Association (President, Mrs. Peggy Garnes), Euclid Chamber of Commerce (President Mrs. Dana Heil) and the many beekeepers, who volunteer their time and expertise to bring an educational and traditional breakfast to school children across the area.

Consul General Alenka Jerak

Consul General Alenka Jerak

Slovenian Honey Breakfast

This year, we will visit 10 local schools and serve 430 students and their 25 teachers. We are also honored to share this experience with our friends at the veterans' home, Post Wellington and educate them about the vital role of honey bees within the food chain, and stress the importance of healthy eating, especially at the start of the day.

Slovenian Honey Breakfast education

Slovenian Honey Breakfast

Our breakfasts run on various days during the first three weeks of November, but in Slovenia, it is a one-day project held on November 17. This year's traditional Slovenian breakfast is characterized by bread, cereals and cereal products with the slogan "Bread for breakfast - great day!". Bread is a staple ingredient of traditional Slovenian breakfast, along with butter, milk, honey and an apple or other Slovenian fruit.

Slovenian Honey Breakfast

Slovenian Honey Breakfast

by Alenka Jerak, Generalna konzulka Consul General

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