Polish Constitution Day Festival

Polish Constitution Day Festival
Parma Ohio
May 1, 2022

The Polish Constitution of May 3, 1791 was the first constitution to follow the 1788 ratification of the United States Constitution. May 3 was restored as an official Polish holiday in April 1990, after the fall of communism. It is celebrated in Cleveland with events including a ceremony at the Polish American Cultural Center in Cleveland's historic Slavic Village neighborhood and this parade down Ridge Road in Parma.

See photos and video of the Polish Constitution Day Parade

The Polish American Congress - Ohio Division, in collaboration with Polish Village Parma, hosted Polish Constitution Day to commemorate the signing of Europe's first democratic constitution. before and after the Parade there was a celebration of Polish culture featuring music, food and camaraderie.

After the Parade people gathered for a short program. Rev. Eric Orzech, Pastor of St Casimir and St Stanislaus Churches gave an invocation.

Rev. Eric Orzech

Rev. Eric Orzech

Then Walter Borkowski led the Polish and US national anthems.

Walter Borkowski

Walter Borkowski

Dr. Mitchell Bienia spoke next.

Dr. Mitchell Bienia

Dr. Mitch Bienia

He was followed by Grand Marshal Brandon Chrostowski from Edwin's.

Brandon Chrostowski

Brandon Chrostowski

Next was Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter.

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter

The United Ukrainian Vocal Ensemble spoke and then sang Sto lat.

United Ukrainian Vocal Ensemble

United Ukrainian Vocal Ensemble

Wally Borkowskii concluded the program with God Bless America.

Here is a video of highlights from the 2022 Polish Constitution Day Festival in Parma. Click on the white arrow in the center to watch.

Enjoy these pictures from the Festival.

Polish Genealogical Society

Polish Genealogical Society

Facts about Poland

Facts about Poland

Facts about Poland - map

Facts about Poland

Facts about Poland

Polish Navy

Polish Women's Auxillary

Polish Air Force WWII

Poland - First to Fight

Festival workers

Grand Marsal Brandon Chrostowski and son

Grand Marshal Brandon Chrostowski and son

Baby and little girl

You bet your dupa shirt


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Music was provided by Jody Maddie's UpTown Sound.

Jody Maddie's Uptown Sound trumpets

Jody Maddie's UpTown Sound

Jody Maddie's Uptown Sound

Walter Borkowski sang with the band on the Good Day (Dzien Dobry) Polka. Watch the video below.

Polish Constitution Day Parade

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