Chopin in the Polish Garden

Frederic Chopin - Dr. David Dubal and Dongning Yang
Polish Cultural Garden - Cleveland
October 17, 2010

Part of the tribute that the Cleveland Polish American Community paid to the great master of Romantic Music, Polish-born composer and pianist Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849), was a concert in the Polish Cultural Garden.

See photos and videos from the Chopin monument dedication in the Garden

Special guest Dr. David Dubal, Professor of Performance and Piano at Julliard in New York City shared stories about the great composer. Both he and his prodigy, Dongning Yang, played several Chopin pieces on the Steinway that was brought into the Polish Garden for the afternoon.

Dr. David Dubal and Dongning Yang

Dr. David Dubal and Dongning Yang

Enjoy these video highlights of the lecture and performances by Dr. Dubal and Dongning Yang.

How did a Julliard Professor in New York come to the Polish Cultural Garden in Cleveland? In this video, Ben Stefnaski tells how the serendipitous connection with Dr. Dubal was made.

After Dr. Dubal tells some stories about Chopin and Franz Liszt, Dongning Yang performs Chopin's Etude Opus 10 No.10 in A-Flat.

Then Dr. Dubal plays Chopin's Mazurka in G sharp minor.

Dr. Dubal told how Chopin wanted his unfinished compositions to be burned after his death - yet they were not. He played one of the mazurkas that Chopin wanted burned.

Dr. Dubal then performed the last piece that Chopin ever composed.

Dr. Dubal told about the 3 main love affairs of Chopin's life but they certainly were different from modern affairs. He then performed a Chopin waltz that was inspired by one of the affairs.

Dr. Dubal discusses the Chopin F# Polonaise with Mazurka middle section.

And then Dongning Yang plays the difficult Chopin F# Polonaise with Mazurka middle section.

In the concluding remarks, Dr Dubal and Dongning tell the audience what Chopin meant and still means to the world.

The garden setting, engaged lecture and brilliant playing were a fitting tribute to the great composer and master of Romantic Music.

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Chopin Bust dedication in Polish Cultural Garden

Polish Cultural Garden in Cleveland

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