Tepehuani Nelli Mexican Ensemble

Tepehuani Nelli Mexican Ensemble
ICC-WIN Multicultural Holiday Party
December 14, 2016

One of the highlights of the 7th annual Cleveland Multicultural Holiday Celebration put on by the International Community Council Worldwide Intercultural Network (ICC-WIN) in Cleveland at the Global Center for Health Innovation was the performance of the Tepehuani Nelli Mexican Ensemble performing traditional Aztec dances.

Tepehuani Nelli Mexican Ensemble

Tepehuani Nelli Mexican Ensemble

You can click on the white arrow to watch the video below. Make sure your speakers are on and you can make the video full screen once it begins by clicking the icon in the lower right corner.

Tepehuani Nelli Mexican Ensemble

Tepehuani Nelli Mexican Ensemble


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