Arab Community Bazaar

Arab Community Bazaar
North Olmsted Community Cabin
February 25, 2024

The first Arab Community Bazaar was held on Sunday February 25 in North Olmsted. Sometimes events are not very successful in their first year but the first Arab Community Bazaar was a huge success. The room was packed with dozens of vendors and information resources.

Arab Community Bazaar banner

Dr. Mohammad Alhawawsha, President of the Jordanian Community of Ohio, said the event aimed to support small businesses, especially those led by women working from home to support themselves. Watch the video below.

Hundreds came through the Bazaar throughout the afternoon including the Mayor of North Olmsted Nicole Dailey Jones and North Olmsted Arts Commission Chair Frank Boulton. Watch their welcome remarks.

Dr. Mohammad Alhawawsha with Mayor Nicole Jones

Dr. Mohammad Alhawawsha with Mayor Nicole Jones

Here are some more pictures from the event.

Arab America Foundation woman

Arab Bazaar vendors

Bassel Abdallah

Bassel Abdallah

Mayor Jones with Dr. and Mrs. Alhawawsha

Mayor Jones with Dr. and Mrs. Alhawawsha

Kaddagh Mortgage team

Kaddagh Mortgage team


Pierre Bejjani, Bassel Abdallah, Faris Alameh and Chafic Bejjani

My first Ramadan shirt

Unified Jordanian community logo

There was some delicious food (the shawarma chicken wraps were great) and I had a dessert called kunafah for the first time. There was a food trucks from The Kunafah Guy.

Kunafah (also called Knafeh and other variations) is a sweet cheesy dessert from the Middle East. The Kunafah Guy includes pistachios and syrup with the cheese. Follow him at Sorry about the wind during the interview. This was my first taste of kunafah and it was delicious.



The Kunafah Guy


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