Mame Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble

Mame Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble
Cleveland International Folk Festival
June 26, 2011

Mame Daiko was founded in 2005, and is sponsored by the Cleveland Chapter, Japanese American Citizens League (JACL).

The group builds most of its own drums and equipment. The performing members consist of Adults and Youth, and members have been playing Taiko for 4 to 7 years.

Mame Daiko's mission statement: In all cultures far and wide, youth is the key to the future. Mame Daiko seeks to inspire and challenge the youth and the young at heart through the respect, unity, discipline and entertainment inherent in the Taiko arts, promoting the Japanese American community and cultural awareness.

Mame Daiko's style is a combination of the many styles of Taiko drumming which we have learned from our Taiko Sensei (teachers) throughout the years of learning. Our different styles of songs have also brought in the creativity, knowledge and love for Taiko from our members. We enjoy providing cultural entertainment to people of diverse interests, backgrounds and ages.

Mame Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble


Mame Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble

Galloping Horses

Mame Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble

Mame Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble

Mame Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble

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