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Fun with Maps - the Gulf of Fonseca and Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador

In this episode of Fun with Maps, host Dan Hanson explains a new meaning of a common word that applies to maps and international law - condominium. He looks at maps of Antarctica, Pheasant Island, Sudan, the Gulf of Fonseca and Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, Colombia, Jamaica, Andorra, Cyprus, Bosnia, Croatia, New Hebrides - Vanuatu, Hans Island, Togo and even the Oregon Territory in the US.

He also looks at some proposed new condominiums that would involve Australia, England, Spain, Gibraltar, Israel, Palestine and Northern Ireland. He predicts that you will never again hear the word 'condominium' again and just think of a building with shared units.

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Honduran community represented at Cleveland Multicultural Holiday Celebration

The Cleveland Honduran community was represented at the 8th Annual ICC-WIN Cleveland Multicultural Holiday Celebration on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland.

People enjoyed food from Sabor Miami Latin American Cafe.

Sabor Miami Latin American Cafe

Sabor Miami Latin American Cafe

Posing with the map of Honduras

Representing Honduras

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Honduras Display at Culture Shock 2013

Tri-C West April 18, 2013

Honduran students represented their culture at the 2013 Culture Shock event which was put on by Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) West and the Parma City School District.

Honduran students

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Honduras History and Culture

Map of Honduras

Once part of Spain's vast empire in the New World, Honduras became an independent nation in 1821. After two and a half decades of mostly military rule, a freely elected civilian government came to power in 1982.

During the 1980s, Honduras proved a haven for anti-Sandinista contras fighting the Marxist Nicaraguan Government and an ally to Salvadoran Government forces fighting leftist guerrillas.

The country was devastated by Hurricane Mitch in 1998, which killed about 5,600 people and caused approximately $2 billion in damage. Since then, the economy has slowly rebounded.

(From the CIA World Factbook)

Map of Honduras

Tell us about the music, food, holidays, traditions, costumes, language and other qualities that makes people from Honduras so special.

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Profiles of Hondurans in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

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