Chinese Women Business Association

Chinese Women Business Association
Li Wah Restaurant in Asia Plaza
March 14, 2010

In celebration of International Woman's Month, the Chinese Women Business Association gathered at Li Wah Restaurant at Asia Plaza on Sunday March 14, 2010.

In addition to a wonderful meal, the guests were treated to entertainment by The Wind and Sand Dance Company who performed Middle Eastern belly dances choreographed by Cassandra Al Warda.

Wind and Sand Belly dance Group

A particular favorite of the group was a cane dance.

Cane dance by Wind and Sand dance group belly dancer

Jane Wang entertained with her singing. There was a spectacular Red Dress Dance that was also very well received.

Yin Tang wore many hats for the evening.

Mistress of ceremonies Yin Tang

Mistress of Ceremonies Yin Tang

In addition to being the Mistress of Ceremonies, Tang, who is a dance instructor, danced with a group who performed her original Paper Cut Dance.

Paper Cut Dance group

Paper Cut Dance group

Based on the Chinese art of cutting papers into beautiful designs this dance, a Northern Han dance was beautiful and creative. Adding to the whimsy, or as Yin Tang calls it "mischievousness" was the face masks the girls wore on the backs of their heads.

Paper Cut Dance group - face on back of heads

Joanna Tang brought a group of young women whom she had taught to play the Hulusi, or Chinese flute. It is an interesting instrument with three bamboo pipes which pass through a gourd to produce sound and finger holes create notes and melodies. The group did an excellent job.

Chinese girls with hulusi flutes

Getting ready to play the Hulusi

For more information on the group contact Judy Fung Chu at Chinese Women Association of Cleveland

Judy Chu

Judy Chu

Amy Hope

Amy Hope, who started the Chinese Women Group

Christine and Professor Wen Ko

Christine and Professor Wen Ko

special guests Nianfa Tang and Liming Wang

Special guests Nianfa Tang and Liming Wang

Yin Tang and Joanna Tang

Yin Tang and Joanna Tang

Minh-Chou Craig

Minh-Chou Craig

Ying Pu editor of Erie Chinese News

Ying Pu editor of Erie Chinese News

Chinese Women Association raffle

Many gifts were in the raffle

Chinese Women Association raffle

paper cut dance girl

The performances were outstanding

Two-face girl

Yin Tang

Yin Tang

Board members and workers

Congratulations to the Chinese Women Business Association Board members, performers and workers on a great event

More videos of performers at the event

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