Health Disparities in Asian Populations

Health Disparities in Asian Populations
Margaret W. Wong Office
November 10, 2016

Margaret Wong and Associates and Case Western Reserve University joined together to create an evening reception to promote health, education, and awareness to the Asian community in Cleveland. The event featured an educational seminar by Li Li, MD PhD, Mary Ann Swetland Center for Environmental Health at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Professor and Director. Dr. Li spoke about Acculturation and Health Disparities in Asian Population.

Margaret Wong welcomes the crowd

Margaret Wong welcomes the crowd

Margaret Wong welcomes the crowd

The room at Margaret Wong's office was full - primarily with people of Chinese heritage so Dr Li spoke in Mandarin and was then translated into English.

Li Li, MD, PhD has over 25 years of experience as a primary care doctor and family practitioner. In this video, Judy Wong introduced Dr. Li and he began by saying that much of the media focuses on Caucasian, African-American and Hispanic cultures but the Asian community has its own unique culture and health issues.

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Judy Wong introducing Dr. Li

Judy Wong introducing Dr. Li

Dr. Li Li

Dr. Li Li

Dr. Li said that Obesity is like a Weapon of Mass Destruction in America. Preventive medicine needs to look at individual and cultural characteristics.

Dr. Li Li - chart on obesity

Dr. Li spoke about a report in Cuyahoga County that shows how life expectancy is 10 years shorter in Glenville in Cleveland than in suburban Lyndhurst just a few miles away.

Dr. Li Li explaining health disparities

Dr. Li said that Asians are the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in the US but unlike Hispanics the growth comes more from immigration than birthrate.

Crowd watching Dr Li

Dr. Li said that the leading cause of death among Asian Americans is Cancer. For Caucasians and others it is Cardiovascular Disease.

Dr. Li - leading casue of death in Asians is cancer

Dr. Li said that Asian Americans are the first racial/ethnic group to experience cancer as the leading cause of death. He gave an example of liver cancer in Los Angeles. He also showed how meat consumption correlates with colon cancer.

Dr Li explaining a chart

The Swetland Center brings a new emphasis to Environmental Health at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and affiliated hospitals throughout Greater Cleveland. The current major focus of the Center is on the environmental health problems of the Cleveland community especially related to toxic exposures of children and their families. As an academic Center, it has four major components: Medical Education, Clinical Care, Research, and Public Health.

Learn more about the Swetland Center

While much of the crowd was Chinese, there were other Asian (Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.) and non-Asians in attendance.

Dr. Li Li speaking to the audience

Dr. Li Li speaking to the audience

Korean Society representatives

Korean Society representatives

Judy Wong and Dr Li Li

Attendees also watched a healthy Asian cooking demonstration by Pearl of the Orient's Rose Wong.

See the photos and videos from Rose Wong's healthy Asian cooking demo


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