Johnny Wu keynote speech at Culture Shock

Johnny Wu keynote speech
Being Different
Culture Shock at Tri-C West
April 18, 2013

Cuyahoga Community College West and the Parma City School District presented the annual Culture Shock on April 18, 2013.

Susan W. Lohwater, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English as a Second Language and ESL Coordinator, Advisor to International Club & Conversation Connection worked with the Parma City Schools to make it happen.

The event included tables representing various nationalities and cultures as well as multi-cultural performances.

Award Winning Filmmaker Johnny Wu was the keynote speaker.

Johnny Wu

Johnny Wu

Wu is the President of OCA Cleveland Chapter and Co–Founder/Executive Committee Chair for the Cleveland Asian Festival among many other titles. Wu's presentation was titled "Being Different.”

Mr. Wu gave a brief history of some events affecting Asians in America such as the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Johnny Wu

Johnny Wu

In this video snippet, filmmaker Johnny Wu gave examples of hate speech springing up in reaction to movies that portrayed Asians as villains. He said we should not believe the movies as truth - they are just movies.

Johnny Wu speaking at Culture Shock

Johnny Wu speaking at Culture Shock

Wu said that sometimes you have to do your homework to be politically correct. For example, using the term 'Oriental' to refer to people is not correct in the US. 'Oriental' is reserved for items such as rugs. But in Europe, the term 'Oriental' is used for people.

Johnny Wu

Johnny Wu

Mr. Wu said that people need to be careful about stereotypes such as assuming all Asians are good in math or are in IT. The phrase "you people" is also a problem.

Johnny Wu

Johnny Wu

Johnny Wu pointed out several hurtful stereotypes that should be avoided. He also stressed that people should not make fun of the features of a race like Miley Cyrus did.

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