Rajmohan Gandhi speaks about his grandfather Mahatama Gandhi

Rajmohan Gandhi in Cleveland - September 5,2008

Rajmohan Gandhi is currently a Research Professor at the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

He has written and spoken about his grandfather Mahatama Gandhi extensively.

His new book, Gandhi: The Man, His People, and the Empire is a comprehensive (over 700 pages) look at the entire life of Mahatma Gandhi.

On September 5, 2008 Rajmohan Gandhi spoke at the City Club of Cleveland about his grandfather and his new book.

Rajmohan Gandhi with his new book about Mahatma Gandhi

After an introduction by Reverend Otis Moss, Rajmohan Gandhi told several stories about Mahatma Gandhi and then answered questions from the audience.

Reverend Otis Moss greets Rajmohan Gandhi

Reverend Otis Moss greets Rajmohan Gandhi

Below are several short snippets of interesting parts of Rajmohan Gandhi's presentation.

  1. Rajmohan Gandhi tells the story of his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi's choice for the first president of India after they achieved independence from Britain. His interesting choice may surprise you.
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi
  2. Rajmohan Gandhi tells the story of his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi's only meeting with his chief rival Winston Churchill and how he responded to him after independence from Britain.
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi
  3. Rajmohan Gandhi gives his opinion about the movie Gandhi about his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi. He tells that he wrote his book so people can uncover the Gandhi in themselves.
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi
  4. Rajmohan Gandhi tells how Modern India and the world view his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi today. He says that India needs to re-learn a lot about Gandhi
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi
  5. Rajmohan Gandhi tells why his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi used the word non-violence as opposed to a more positive word such as love.
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi
  6. Rajmohan Gandhi explains why his book about his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi is different from all of the others about him.
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi
  7. Rajmohan Gandhi discusses Cleveland and the Indian Cultural Gardens
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi
  8. Rajmohan Gandhi explains at what point he realized his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi was a very special man - and shares some personal recollections.
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi
  9. Rajmohan Gandhi explains why he thinks that while his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi went to London England as a young man to study law, he also had another reason.
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi
  10. Rajmohan Gandhi explains how his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi admired the Transcendentalists such as Emerson and Thoreau and also President Abraham Lincoln
    Listen to Rajmohan Gandhi

Rajmohan Gandhi at the Cleveland City Club

See pictures and video from Rajmohan Gandhi's visit to the Cleveland Indian Cultural Gardens

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