Indian Independence Celebration - FICA Picnic

Indian Independence Celebration and FICA Picnic
August 15, 2009
Squire's Castle

The Indian Independence Celebration and FICA Picnic were held Saturday August 15, 2009 at Squire's Castle. The goal of the day was to celebrate 62 years of Indian independence by sharing Indian heritage with family and friends.

Paramjit Singh and Venky Venkatesh

... with Paramjit Singh and Venky Venkatesh

Venky Venkatesh welcomed the group and introduced Om Julka. Mr. Julka was in New Delhi 62 years ago when independence was achieved.

As you can hear in the video below, Mr. Julka has had some amazing experiences including hearing Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and other Indian leaders in person. He also witnessed the huge funeral procession after Gandhi was assassinated.

Om Julka then released the flags of the United States and India and the crowd sang the national anthems of the US and India led by a talented group of youngsters.

Om Julka, Satish Parikh and others Singing the National Anthems at the India Independence Celebration

Om Julka, Satish Parikh and others sing the National Anthems

Indian-American children signing the national anthems of the US and India

It was a beautiful summer Saturday so groups began enjoying the picnic. Some explored Squire's Castle.

Squire's Castle football

Others played football, soccer and football on the grounds.

Indian American picnic at Squires Castle

A softball field was transformed into a cricket pitch. Young people played kickball, Frisbee and had their faces painted.

Cricket batter at FICA picnic

Wonderful food, music and camaraderie were enjoyed by all.

Face painting at FICA picnic

Youngsters had their faces painted

Shade tree at Indian American FICA picnic

Adults gathered under the shade of a tree

Shami Bafna Indian t-shirt

Shami Bafna's shirt said
'Come to India. A billion people can't be wrong!'

Indian American FICA picnic

Enjoying the day

Singing the National Anthems

Cricket Bowler

Cricket bowler about to throw

Om Julka after the flag raising ceremony

Om Julka after the flag raising ceremony

A future cricket star

A future cricket star

Young Indian Americans have their faces painted

Watching the face painting

cricket bowler and batter

Bowler vs Batsman

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