Hungarian Cultural Garden Tree Planting

Hungarian Cultural Garden Tree Planting
July 14, 2012

Each year in the Hungarian Cultural Garden in Cleveland Ohio, trees are planted that were originally in the Garden in the 1930's. In 2012, 5 Maxi Rhododendrons were planted because of the generosity of donors from the community.

The 5 donors and their representatives are:

  1. Hungarian Heritage Museum (Andrew Lazar)
  2. Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel (Dr. Judit Puskas)
  3. Laszlo and Judith Zala
  4. Juilanna Gulden in memory of Olga Kovacs
  5. Jim and Carolyn Balogh (Grandson Andrew)

Carolyn Balogh and Hungarian Garden tree donors

Carolyn Balogh introduced the tree representatives Julianna Gulden,
Andy Lazar, Dr. Judit Puskas, Andrew
and Jim Balogh

Julianna Gulden and Andrew Lazar

Julianna Gulden and Andrew Lazar

Carolyn Balogh and Hungarian tree donors

The group moved over to the garden site and dug a few shovels of dirt for the new additions.

Hungarian Garden Cleveland tree planting

Hungarian Garden Cleveland tree planting

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