Rev. Ryan Duns, S.J., the tin whistle priest

Rev. Ryan Duns, S.J., the Tin Whistle Priest
We need all the notes to play:
How Irish Music can shape Jesuit Education
2017 WUJA (World Union of Jesuit Alumni) Congress
John Carroll University
June 29, 2017

The World Union of Jesuit Alumni (WUJA), founded in 1956, holds an international Congress every four years to gather Jesuit friends and alumni-from as many as 50 countries representing a global network of Jesuit ministries-to build international networks and affirm Jesuit centric values for a greater good.

From June 28-July 2, 2017, WUJA met for the first time ever in North America, at John Carroll University, in Cleveland, Ohio. WUJA 2017 gathered renowned, world-class speakers committed to Uniting Our Jesuit Frontiers in the arts, business, science, law, spirituality, theology, faith and leadership, service, and justice.

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One of the sessions was taught by Rev. Ryan Duns, S.J. Fr. Duns is a doctoral candidate and a professional Irish musician (accordion and tin whistle) and is known as the Tin Whistle Priest. His topic was 'We need all the notes to play: How Irish Music can shape Jesuit Education.'

In this first video, Dan Malone introduced Rev. Ryan Duns, S.J.

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Dan Malone and Rev. Ryan Duns S.J.

Dan Malone and Rev. Ryan Duns S.J.

Fr. Duns explained how the Trinity is like karaoke as he drew comparisons to music and the Church.

Next, he told about teaching people to play Irish music and the lessons learned from it for other education and life.

Rev. Ryan Duns S.J.

Rev. Ryan Duns S.J.

Fr. Duns told of the method for teaching people so that they can find their own voice so all can play and pray together. He cited the story of Jesus and the man with a withered hand in Mark's Gospel.


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An audience member asked why he took up Irish music and why he became a Jesuit. For the same reason!

Another question was about the influence of Riverdance on Irish music.

Rev. Ryan Duns S.J.

Rev. Ryan Duns S.J.

Fr. Duns closed with a short reel on the tin whistle and told how Jesuit education lets students share different gifts.

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